Artificial Intelligence
That Builds Virtual Worlds

Promethean AI is world's first Artificial Intelligence that works together with Artists, assists them in the process of building virtual worlds, helps creative problem solving by suggesting ideas and takes on a lot of mundane and non-creative work, so You can focus on what's important.

All while learning from and adapting to individual tastes of every single Artist.

We are beyond excited to announce that an early access version of Promethean AI is now available.
It is free for non-commercial use and has additional licensing options for projects
with below than $100k/year in financing (Indie) and above (professional).

Basics Guide Videos

Use the guide videos below to quickly familiarize yourself with Promethean AI functionality.

Please remember that not all features are available in the free version

Want to make Art like this?

At Promethean AI our goal is not to solve technical problems or teach a computer how a chair relates to a desk.

Our goal is to help everyone be a better artist. 

That is why we are excited to offer an Environment Art Internship program.

We are trading our vast experience in building virtual worlds for invaluable insight into making

"improving as an artist" a better, faster and more fulfilling experience for everyone. Apply below!

Who is building it and Why

After years of building most sophisticated and celebrated interactive entertainment in the world, it became apparent to
Andrew Maximov, Technical Art Directo
r at Naughty Dog Inc. (Sony Interactive Entertainment) that we need to
fundamentally rethink creative technology. 
The road we were on was not only falling far short of creators needs, audience appetites
and hardware constraints, but also has absolutely no scalable way of catching up with exponentially growing demand.
Not to mention being exclusionary to artists. So we put together an amazing team and got to work

(members of the Promethean AI team have contributed to the best in technology and entertainment)

Having worked side by side with some of the best artists in the world we've been consistently amazed by their passion for their craft and we wanted to apply the same fervor towards the sole purpose of taking care of creative people. Because the world needs more of that.

Our goal is to pass on the torch of creativity to anyone who ever had something to say. To empower creators and stories impossible otherwise. To give every artist the power of an army and help everyone go further and faster. All using the latest in our proprietary cutting edge machine learning technology.

Game industry veteran, former Technical Art Director for Sony Interactive, Andrew pushed cutting edge technology that powered the biggest entertainment franchises in the world. Develop and Forbes magazine's 30 under 30, artist, programmer, consultant, entrepreneur and speaker at Computer Graphics events all across the globe. Distinguished in both tech and art Andrew has been co-running the Art Direction Summit at Game Developers Conference for 7 years, while also being on the jury for Siggraph Realtime Live. Democratizing the creative process, supporting artists and empowering creativity within every single person has been his unrelenting focus and singular goal throughout his entire career.

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Andrew Maximov

Promethean AI was founded by

During my 8 years game development career, I tried both the art and the technical side of the industry. I've been streamlining processes, investigating problems, and creating prototypes for the production teams. The passion that always drove me was to make artists' lives easier and provide them instruments to implement their great ideas. So I joined Promethean AI to empower more artists around the world to focus on art rather than tools to create it.

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Senior 3d environment artist and visual developer. Former lead artist at Heyworks and R&D technical artist at Multiple events and meetups speaker. Passionate about developing and implementing new pipelines and techniques of visual content production.

Game addict and amazing burger chef.

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Daniil Kopytsko

Alexander Zotikov

Peter designed the cloud optimization pipelines for Simplygon and applications for HoloLens (and all other things 3D) at Microsoft. His background ranges from banking, intellectual property, IoT and machine learning implementations in roles from developer on teams to CTO of entire tech companies. The core idea has always been the same, though: to off-load clients with cloud solutions. Also, he’s so far only swede to ever have landed a #1 pop song on the charts in India!

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Peter Saverman

Co-founder & CTO of MSQRD, augmented reality facial tracking and animation company that was acquired by Facebook in 2016. Continued to develop the technology within Facebook until it's eventual roll out as Instagram and Facebook Messenger AR Cameras.

Spearheaded the development of Facebook Spark AR platform.

Computer Graphics Engineer. Forbes 30 under 30.

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Sergey Gonchar

Junior Environment Artist
Industry Appreciation
We are hiring!
Technical Artist

We are looking for an experienced Technical Artist with the focus on geometry processing
to drive our geometry processing system and help Promethean become even smarter!

  • Do you enjoy putting your technical skills to creative use?

  • Do you love power-amplifying others through state of the art technology?

  • Do you want to make a real difference in how everyone in the world creates virtual worlds?

  • Do you like autonomy, responsibility and are excited to drive meaningful progress?

If these questions excite you and you have proven experience in supporting 3D production pipelines
as well as Python we need to hear from you! C++/Qt/SQL are a plus!

This is a full-time role that can be performed remotely from anywhere in the world.

   Blender/Unity/UE 5 Engineers

If you are community-minded, passionate about your particular 3D editor of choice and want

to help us create and maintain Promethean AI plugin integrations we would love to work with you!

This role would require an initial time investment of a few weeks to build our plugins and occasional
support work, but will bring the Promethean team and your community immense joy as it will guarantee
the absolute best experience world-building on your favorite platform.

This is a part-time contract that can be performed remotely from anywhere in the world.

We are looking for a passionate Junior Artist to help us train the world's most creative 
Artificial Intelligence 
through exposing it to beautiful virtual worlds and digital environments.

  • Do you have a compulsive need to build worlds all day every day?

  • Are you excited to work on an exceptionally wide variety of environments?

  • Would you like to support some of the biggest AAA and Indie projects in the world?

  • Do you want to do it side by side with and learn from some of the best artists in the industry?

  • Do you thrive on autonomy and responsibility and are excited to be a force for good?

If you answered yes to all of the above and you have a strong portfolio demonstrating exceptional

composition skills as well as a solid grasp of 3D modeling, materials and lighting - we would like to hear from you!

This is a full-time role that can be performed remotely from anywhere in the world.
Very Strong English knowledge is a must.

Our Values

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