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​Use Promethean AI to drastically improve your speed of prototyping, set dressing

as well as asset production and save more than 10%+ of your entire budget!



Everything you need
to make AI an integral
part of your workflow

Enterprise data security, SSO, API

and workflow customization vetted by the very best. Extendable and tech art friendly for fully custom and proprietary pipelines.

Join 10 000+ users including PlayStation Studios. With support from Disney Accelerator.

Can your team afford to be behind on AI?


Plug and play for most off the shelf 3d editors and freely customize to your needs.
Or use these C++, C# and Python integrations as a starting point for a custom integration.



From a simple shared folder to enterprise scale custom cloud architecture

Without ever sacrificing the security of your data.

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Intelligently reuse parts of your assets to create new content in no time. 

Absolutely indispensable 

for outsourcing studios or props teams.

Promethean AI Asset Creation

Promethean AI Asset Creation

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Shared collaboration boards to communicate like never before

and streamline your workflows without a single line of code.

  • Do I have to change my entire pipeline to use Promethean AI?
    Not at all! We are built to meet the artists where they are. You don't have to move your assets or change your 3d editor for example. Promethean goes on top of every part of your workflow for a seamless and quick integration! Even if you have a custom or proprietary workflow - our enterprise version is easily customizable (with a bit of Python code) to any situation. It's important to us that you feel like Promethean AI is part of your workflow. We just bring the cutting edge AI bedrock for you to build on.
  • Do I have to upload my assets to your cloud in order to use the tools?
    Not at all. Our team is never exposed to your asset files. We don't upload them, store them or train on them in any way shape or form. Privacy for your data is paramount to us and is built into our technical DNA. As is evidenced by the trust from companies like Sony or Disney.
  • Are you taking away Artists jobs?
    Promethean AI is founded by a veteran game artist and former art director for Naughty Dog, who has been involved in empowering and educating artists for the more than 10 years. We are the only company that was the technical advisor for artists in the class action lawsuit against the biggest text-to-image AI companies that are endangering their livelihoods. We put artists first and focus on serving them every step of the way. That's why our tools require artist input and touch every step of the way. Promethean AI is not for prompt artists - it's a serious tool for professional artists that want to take advantage of the best in AI technology without feeling like they are being taken advantage of themselves.
  • What is Promethean AI in a nutshell?
    It's an AI engine that understands all of your creative assets (images, videos, 3d models, 3d animations, PDFs, PPTs), can reason about them and configure them in novel combinations to help you create content. Think of it as a braintrust of all the creative decisions your team has made or is inspired by, that are served up to you exactly when you need them. Just by asking with natural language.
  • How do I share my Promethean AI project?
    Promethean keeps your assets exactly where they are creating a metadata library around them. To share the Promethean AI metadata library with your team all you need to do is have a shared folder (can even Dropbox) or a MySQL server/S3 storage for a more professional integration. We always prioritize the integrity of your intellectual property. We are never exposed to your asset files or your metadata library. (Optionally you can request that Promethean AI facilitates and manages the storage and upload of your assets as well. Reach out to us directly for more info on this.)
  • What is the easiest way to get started with Promethean AI?
    Add your reference and inspiration files into the Inspiration mode in Browser. Consult it for any of our design questions. Drag and drop a folder of your 3d Assets into the Source File mode and choose to Sync it. Now every time you or your teammates change that folder Promethean AI will sync the data and update the library to serve you the most relevant assets. Use those assets across your 3d project to build assets and worlds. Add your 3d/material assets from Unreal/Unity to be utilized for creation of real-time 3d scenes.
  • What Engines/Pipelines do you support?
    Our primary integration is with Unreal Engine. We provide open source plugins for Unreal, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya and Blender editors but not all version of other editors have been tested/might be compatible. You can download our plugin code and customize them for your needs if your version is currently unsupported. We are working hard on formalizing this pipeline across all 3d editors soon.
  • Can Promethean be the central asset storage and discovery hub for our big organization?
    Yes Promethean can be the centralized asset repo for organizations of any size while still making sure that your assets are securely stored within the private network of your organization! We never compromise the safety of your intellectual property and are never exposed to your assets. Your AI strategy in action with none of the risk.
  • What options do I have to store my data?
    A MySQL server with an internal S3 bucket is our advised configuration for the Promethean library metadata within large organizations.
  • Can we customize Promethean to our proprietary pipeline?
    Absolutely! We come from AAA game development and know that the very best art is usually created by teams with most custom technology. And we will never be the reason you have to compromise it. We met you where you are. All of our DCC integrations are fully open source so you can adapt them to your needs or use them as a starting point to integrate into your custom engine or editor. All of your Browser properties, asset types, metadata, property widgets, context menu options and drag and drop behavior are fully customizable with a dash of Python. We want this to be your pipeline and are big fans of your tools/tech art teams. Your asset data sources can be fully customized, dynamically loaded from any number of additional databases.
  • Is our legal team going to have a hard time approving this?
    No! We've passed the data security and AI approval process for some of the biggest corporations in the world including Sony and Disney so you can rest assured that we have thought of every precaution imaginable to keep your data and your products safe.
  • Can I try Promethean without exposing my proprietary files?
    Absolutely! We don't store, keep or train on any of your assets so it's very safe to download and try our tools.
  • Is English the only supported language?
    Currently yes. But with the right enterprise partner we can collaborate on a new language implementation.
  • How do I migrate my existing library into Promethean AI?
    Promethean AI has a 1 line api call to add an asset to the library! All you need to do is provide a thumbnail, pass to the asset and a dictionary with any metadata you might have! Find the script on our enterprise page and migrate your current library within an hour!
  • How to set up an Okta organization for logging in to Promethean AI
    To set up Okta SSO, follow the instructions given below. Alternatively, you may email support and we’ll be happy to walk you through the setup. Be sure to invite an Okta administrator in the thread. Requirements - Administrator access to your Okta organization Supported Features Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow - this authentication flow occurs when the user attempts to log in to the application from Promethean AI. User federation, role management, etc. are not supported. Users and their Promethean AI roles will still need to be managed from the Promethean AI administration page. Configuration In Okta, go to Applications→Browse App Catalog, and search and add Promethean AI App in the Okta application integrations catalog. 2. Assign the users or groups that should be able to log into Promethean AI. 3. Go to the Promethean AI app→Sign On tab. 4. Contact support ( with the following information found in the Sign On tab: - Okta Domain (e.g. - Client ID - Client Secret 5.Await confirmation from the support team and when you do, you are all good to get started. Logging in to Promethean AI using Okta There are two alternatives to logging in to Promethean AI. You can either do this in the application or in your Okta application integrations. For the Promethean AI application, you will be prompted to log in. You do this by clicking “Login With Organization” and then enter your email address. This will forward you to the organization login page in your preferred browser and then authenticate you in the application. Alternatively, you can visit your Okta application integrations and click the Okta icon on the login screen. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then rerouted to your . Notes Upon first login using Okta, any existing Promethean AI user account associated with the same email address will be deactivated
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