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Artificial Intelligence
That Builds Virtual Worlds

Promethean AI is world's first Artificial Intelligence that works together with Artists, assists them in the process of building virtual worlds, helps creative problem solving by suggesting ideas and takes on a lot of mundane and non-creative work so You can focus on what's important.

All while learning from and adapting to individual tastes of every single Artist.

The Press
What are Artists saying?

"Promethean AI is the next, big step in virtual world creation. It's a huge time saver, that will allow you to fully focus on being creative."

Kacper Niepokólczycki, CD Projekt RED

"From what we've seen, Promethean AI is a paradigm shift in the way we create artwork for an entire industry, from small studios like ours to larger, AAA size teams. It brings a desperately needed level of sustainability that allows us to focus on the intent and storytelling behind our artwork. AI that respects and celebrates human input. We can't wait to see what it unlocks for us as creatives."

James Burton and Oliver Farrell, White Paper Games

* personal views of the artists, not an official statement from their employers

Who is building it and Why

We are a collection of passionate tinkerers, based out of Los Angeles, California, with a decade of experience developing technology and leading teams creating cutting edge digital entertainment. Having worked side by side with some of the best artists in the world we've been consistently amazed by their passion for their craft. We wanted to apply the same fervor towards the sole purpose of taking care of creative people. Because the world needs more of that.

Our goal is to pass on the torch of creativity to anyone who ever had something to say. To empower creators and stories impossible otherwise. To give every artist the power of an army and help everyone go further and faster. All using latest in our proprietary patent-pending machine learning technology.

Promethean was started by

Game Industry Veteran, Technical Art Director, a former Naughty Dog, Andrew pushed cutting edge pipelines that powered some of the most complex productions in the world. Develop and Forbes magazine's 30 under 30, artist, programmer, consultant, entrepreneur and speaker at Computer Graphics events all across the globe, for years he has been fighting for democratizing the creative process, supporting artists and empowering creativity within every single person.

Now as Promethean AI team we are embracing that challenge for good.

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Andrew Maximov

Our Values

When can you try it

Promethean AI is a robust API toolset powered by our proprietary patent-pending learning and interaction technology. We have hit MVP and are currently working on deploying it in production for our Early Adopter Game Studios.

We can not release it for personal use yet but rest assured we are working our hardest to get it into your hands as soon as possible. In the meantime we are looking forward to releasing much more information soon. Make sure to take advantage of our contacts section below to stay up to date on the latest news.

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